FINAL PIECE: Based on the Fine Art Painting Project

I have decided to submit my monochrome shaped painting that I started within the last fine art project session as a final piece. It communicates all of the material skills that I have learnt throughout the painting project and accurately consolidates my body of work surrounding the hidden loneliness of life in the City. Participating in the project has taught me a wide variety of skills, I had never explored the technique of underpainting before and I learnt how much an underpainting really can inform a final piece. I also acquired a knowledge of dry brushing and allowing an underpainting to come through the top layer of paint. Creating a shaped painting was a new and interesting concept for me as well as like many other painters, I tend to traditionally paint on square or rectangular surfaces. I wanted my final piece to convey all of the skills and knowledge that I have gained from attending these sessions and I feel that this monochrome shaped piece with a green sort of under glow definitely does.






Previously, I experimented with making the people the focus in my work  rather than the architecture and making the buildings more gestural. Like I said, I do think that this was highly successful, but in this piece, I think the buildings really add to the feeling of loneliness within the work because of the eery and sort of uneasy green underglow that is coming through the monochrome overlay. I employed the technique of dry brushing within this piece so that the green underpainting is really a valued part of this final outcome. I feel this piece really consolidates my city project. It portrays everything I have learnt, the things I have progressed with, the things I have not taken any further but learnt from and the meaning and concept behind my take on the city itself. I have included a coloured figure surrounded by white silhouettes within this piece because it has been my most successful portrayal of being surrounded by others in the city but alone. You might as well be alone in the city because no one interacts with you or notices your existence. You may as well be surrounded by bodies with no defining features – white silhouettes. I definitely feel that it is worse being around people and being made to feel alone in the city than actually being around no one. This piece represents how you are alone in the city regardless of being surrounded by others and that if the only people you see all day are the passers-by of the city, then your time in the urban environment can be an incredibly lonely, with no interaction or conversation with others.

As this is a final piece, I thought about the fact that it should be able to be presented and hung on the wall as a final outcome and so fixed a block of wood to the back of the board so that it can be hung upon nails or screws.

IMG_2688 IMG_2687

I definitely would not have made this piece without attending the painting project sessions, they have been extremely valuable to me and even though I have had to create a final piece based on what I have learnt in these sessions, I think I would have made a piece inspired by them anyway because of how many new techniques and methods  I have worked with. Underpainting is definitely something I am going to be considering in the future as I feel it has really informed and added to the outcome created here. I think this piece is highly successful in portraying what I have learnt in the sessions as well as highlighting the hidden loneliness of City life and how you are alone and a singular figure in the city even when you are surrounded by others. I am incredibly happy with and proud of this final piece. It is definitely not something I would have usually created but that has taught me that experimenting with new styles and techniques can make for highly successful outcomes.


Field: COLLABORATION: Stop Motion Animation – Collaborative Drawing

Here is the Stop Motion Animation of a collaborative drawing that we all created together. We got together to create the drawing and took pictures of it from above every few seconds. It was really difficult to take a picture in exactly the same place as the previous image, and as a result the stop motion does jump around a little bit. This is only a practice animation, but when we come to make one for the final outcome, we will definitely need to set it up and use a tripod to hold the camera in place and prevent this. It is really interesting to see the development of one of our drawings through photography and animation and to be honest, as I had never animated such a large, collaborative piece before, I wasn’t really sure how it was going to turn out, but for a first attempt we all felt it was better than we expected. It really captures the journey of our drawing and highlights our collaboration by showing all the different parts of the drawing collaborating at once.

Now we have had a practice, and are happy with the process of producing Stop Motion Animations, we will produce a more professional standard of animation using a tripod to keep the camera still. We are thinking of including little clay models of people on top of the collaborative drawing (incorporating Chelsea’s ceramic influence further) and animating, then painting bits out with white paint and redrawing on top and animating that as well. We are keen to be a bit more experimental and look forward to producing a final animation piece.

Loneliness in the City: Observational Charcoal Drawings

Here are a few drawings I have produced in relation to the topic of loneliness in the city. I have been thinking a lot about different ways to portray the loneliness of day-to-day life and routine in the city and realised that simply drawing people wandering the streets shows it accurately. It is clearly seen within my sketches that there are lots of people around but none of them are conversing or interacting with each other. All of the people within my sketches may as well be by themselves. They may not realise it but apart from there being no queue in shops and not getting stuck behind people walking slowly and holding them up, their time spent in the city would be no different if they were completely by themselves.





I was conscious that the media used and colour palette I chose here would either add to or detract from the loneliness of the people within the images. I have used Charcoal and white acrylic paint on brown parcel paper to create these drawings. The dull and darker colours provoke the feeling of being miserable or alone. It fascinates me here, that I have done nothing more than draw what I have observed and the product captures the loneliness of city life perfectly. It just goes to show how relevant my project ideas  are to today’s cities. I am very happy that I have managed to capture this isolation and look forward to moving forward and experimenting further.

JIEUN PARK: Colourful Impression coexisting with loneliness

The work of Jieun park is highly relevant to my project. She explores the feeling of loneliness within her beautiful artworks. She tries to convey how the city is sold to us, what impression we get of it and its colourful glamourization with the loneliness than can be felt within it. A concept I thought would be highly challenging to capture. This art work is inspiring to me because it has been successfully portrayed.


“The cityscapes in my works feel very dull, yet there is something that shines through. There are no signs of people living in the beautiful cities in my works. Although the city is packed with so many different kinds of buildings, it arouses a feeling of loneliness when I look at the complex city

The city is changing very fast while we are living our busy lives. The dull feeling of the buildings in my works portraits the people in hectic daily life where only meaningless everyday conversation exists.What I try to express through my works are the emotions that I felt at the specific moments during the journey. I remember how I was emotionally overwhelmed and felt lonely by looking down at the city from on high.

My personal feelings are described as under-painted ink marks which are instinctively spread and dropped on the surface. As I create relatively realistic images of the city within the abstract ink marks, I try to record ourselves in this fast changing city and its double sidedness where colorful impression coexists with loneliness.”


In my opinion, the art work is visually stunning and fits in with the theme of “The Hidden City” obviously. The city is almost hidden within the ink marks. The long ink strokes contain the colourful city within them. To me, the darkness and harsh ink marks represent the feeling of loneliness itself. It shows how lonely you can feel even though you are surrounded by a large population and elaborate architecture. This is something that I want to capture within my work. It is an interesting idea, trying to capture a feeling. Jieun’s work encourages me to think about how I could show the fact that you are surrounded by so much but so alone.