JIEUN PARK: Colourful Impression coexisting with loneliness

The work of Jieun park is highly relevant to my project. She explores the feeling of loneliness within her beautiful artworks. She tries to convey how the city is sold to us, what impression we get of it and its colourful glamourization with the loneliness than can be felt within it. A concept I thought would be highly challenging to capture. This art work is inspiring to me because it has been successfully portrayed.


“The cityscapes in my works feel very dull, yet there is something that shines through. There are no signs of people living in the beautiful cities in my works. Although the city is packed with so many different kinds of buildings, it arouses a feeling of loneliness when I look at the complex city

The city is changing very fast while we are living our busy lives. The dull feeling of the buildings in my works portraits the people in hectic daily life where only meaningless everyday conversation exists.What I try to express through my works are the emotions that I felt at the specific moments during the journey. I remember how I was emotionally overwhelmed and felt lonely by looking down at the city from on high.

My personal feelings are described as under-painted ink marks which are instinctively spread and dropped on the surface. As I create relatively realistic images of the city within the abstract ink marks, I try to record ourselves in this fast changing city and its double sidedness where colorful impression coexists with loneliness.”


In my opinion, the art work is visually stunning and fits in with the theme of “The Hidden City” obviously. The city is almost hidden within the ink marks. The long ink strokes contain the colourful city within them. To me, the darkness and harsh ink marks represent the feeling of loneliness itself. It shows how lonely you can feel even though you are surrounded by a large population and elaborate architecture. This is something that I want to capture within my work. It is an interesting idea, trying to capture a feeling. Jieun’s work encourages me to think about how I could show the fact that you are surrounded by so much but so alone.


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