Photo Manipulation: Stop Motion Animation Experiment

Inspired by my collaborative work, I have decided to experiment with combining my photo manipulations I have produced within my individual work  and stop motion animation that I have experimented with as a collaborative.

I think this is a highly interesting outcome, It portrays the idea of everyone else in the city being silhouettes or just bodies that may as well not be there. The figures being cut out one by one shows how you are surrounded by so many people but you might as well be the only one. This has been a successful experiment and I will continue to think about animation within my individual work.

2 Comments on “Photo Manipulation: Stop Motion Animation Experiment”

  1. I really like it. I like the grainy feel , the simplicity of it being black and white covered with white, especially since I’d expect the typical shadowing of a figure to be done in black. I also like how the sound you picked matches the over all minimalism.

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