FINAL PIECE: Inspired by the Collaboration Process

Within this City project, I was asked to create two final pieces individually, one inspired by the fine art painting project and another that reflects the ideas, thoughts and new processes that I learnt during the collaborative process. As a collaborative we made drawings and stop motion animations. It seemed obvious to me that for this second piece I would like to create an animation that includes drawing to fit in with what I have learnt and worked on with my collaborative group and to portray the hidden loneliness of city life. The collaboration work we made as a group has already informed my individual work and I have started playing around with animations showing loneliness in the city.

I thought the experiment I made where all the people were cut out of a photo one by one apart from one individual was quite interesting and had a lot of scope for progression and so I have decided to make a stop motion animation incorporating the manipulation of my photographs to portray inner city loneliness as a final piece.

I have included two aspects of loneliness in the city within this piece. The imagery where all the people are cut out/scribbled over/painted in portrays the fact that you might as well be alone in the city when surrounded by others because you interact with  no one. If the only people you see are the passers-by of the city then you are going to be highly lonely because you would never converse with anyone face to face. The imagery where only one person has been singled out conveys the fact that you are insignificant which heightens the feeling of loneliness and that to all the other people you might as well not exist. Also, singling one figure out portrays them as being alone within an urban environment.

Within this piece, I have experimented with manipulating photos in a variety of ways to show loneliness. I have also included drawing within the piece and the use of tracing paper and paint. I think this piece is very successful and consolidates all the photo manipulation work I have produced throughout the whole of the project. These photo alterations inspired my paintings and kicked off my ideas to create this body of work so it seems only fitting that they make up one of my final pieces. The track that is playing behind this animation is “The lullaby of Loneliness” by Aaron English, chosen for obvious reasons. I have uploaded my final piece to YouTube so it is shared with the public and I can gain feedback from the users of the site. I think this piece is successful in portraying the hidden loneliness of city life and demonstrates a skill that I have worked on from making animations with my collaborative group.


COLLABORATION: Final Stop Motion Animation

Today, we met up as a group and decided that we would combine the two stop motions that we have worked on and produce one final animation from them. We decided it would be more successful if we integrated them rather than just playing them one after the other, so we worked on this until we were happy with the result. Below is our group collaborative final Stop motion animation:

We are incredibly pleased with the result and feel that the combination of drawing and clay work ties in all the strengths of each individual in the group and portrays our inputs from each of our disciplines as a collaboration. We will be showing this piece as part of our final presentation along with some of the drawings we have created and our collaborative documentation sketchbook.

Photo Manipulation: Stop Motion Animation Experiment

Inspired by my collaborative work, I have decided to experiment with combining my photo manipulations I have produced within my individual work  and stop motion animation that I have experimented with as a collaborative.

I think this is a highly interesting outcome, It portrays the idea of everyone else in the city being silhouettes or just bodies that may as well not be there. The figures being cut out one by one shows how you are surrounded by so many people but you might as well be the only one. This has been a successful experiment and I will continue to think about animation within my individual work.

COLLABORATION: Experimenting with Clay Figures and Stop Motion Animation

We met up today as a group to practice working with clay in animation with the intention of combining it with our findings from practicing animated collaborative drawing to create a final outcome.

We learnt from the last animation we made together, that it was difficult to keep the camera steady when taking the photos and so hired out a tripod to work with.


We made little clay figures to work with and tie in Chelsea’s ceramic background closer into the work we have been producing. Next we drew backgrounds and situations for the clay characters to be in and started working on creating the stop motion animation. It was a really enjoyable experience and we are very pleased with the outcome.




Here is the animation that we created as a group:

Now that we have experimented with both clay work and drawing, We are confident that we can produce a stop motion animation combining the two that consolidates out findings and creates a successful final collaborative outcome.

Quick Stop Motion Animation inspired by Collaborating: – Lonely in the City

After producing a collaborative stop motion with my field group, I was inspired to create animation within my individual project. Here is a quick stop motion experiment drawn in my sketchbook portraying the hidden loneliness of the city, where the person is “surrounded by others but alone”. I hope to create more of these and maybe work with animating my photo manipulations or cut out photographs.

Field: COLLABORATION: Stop Motion Animation – Collaborative Drawing

Here is the Stop Motion Animation of a collaborative drawing that we all created together. We got together to create the drawing and took pictures of it from above every few seconds. It was really difficult to take a picture in exactly the same place as the previous image, and as a result the stop motion does jump around a little bit. This is only a practice animation, but when we come to make one for the final outcome, we will definitely need to set it up and use a tripod to hold the camera in place and prevent this. It is really interesting to see the development of one of our drawings through photography and animation and to be honest, as I had never animated such a large, collaborative piece before, I wasn’t really sure how it was going to turn out, but for a first attempt we all felt it was better than we expected. It really captures the journey of our drawing and highlights our collaboration by showing all the different parts of the drawing collaborating at once.

Now we have had a practice, and are happy with the process of producing Stop Motion Animations, we will produce a more professional standard of animation using a tripod to keep the camera still. We are thinking of including little clay models of people on top of the collaborative drawing (incorporating Chelsea’s ceramic influence further) and animating, then painting bits out with white paint and redrawing on top and animating that as well. We are keen to be a bit more experimental and look forward to producing a final animation piece.

Field COLLABORATION: Stop Motion Inspiration

As we are planning to experiment with stop motion, we thought it would be a worthwhile experience to research artists that have produced animations and to browse existing stop motions. We came across the amazing works of William Kentridge. His stop motions are incredible, the drawings flow into one another completely flawlessly and produce a highly professional outcome. He encourages us to be expressive and take pictures within the animation frequently.

william kentridge

We liked the fact that he had used charcoal and seemed to have rubbed out parts of the drawing and drawn back over the top of it. His work tells a story, in our stop motion, we are planning to show the journey of us, as a group, building up a collaborative drawing.

In our tutorial, we mentioned our ideas that included animation and they showed us the work of Sir Ken Robinson, commonly he delivers TED talks, but also uses stop motion animation to convey the point he is trying to make. This encouraged us to think about stop motion animation and text. In terms of the end presentation of the field collaboration that we are required to deliver, Ken’s animation encouraged us to think about creating animated titles or slides within the presentation.

ken robinson


We are excited to start producing a stop motion animation of a collaborative drawing. We will all draw and take pictures every few seconds until the drawing is complete, we will then put all the images together and hopefully create an interesting animation. We will have a practice first before creating one that we would like to submit for our final outcome.