Field COLLABORATION: Stop Motion Inspiration

As we are planning to experiment with stop motion, we thought it would be a worthwhile experience to research artists that have produced animations and to browse existing stop motions. We came across the amazing works of William Kentridge. His stop motions are incredible, the drawings flow into one another completely flawlessly and produce a highly professional outcome. He encourages us to be expressive and take pictures within the animation frequently.

william kentridge

We liked the fact that he had used charcoal and seemed to have rubbed out parts of the drawing and drawn back over the top of it. His work tells a story, in our stop motion, we are planning to show the journey of us, as a group, building up a collaborative drawing.

In our tutorial, we mentioned our ideas that included animation and they showed us the work of Sir Ken Robinson, commonly he delivers TED talks, but also uses stop motion animation to convey the point he is trying to make. This encouraged us to think about stop motion animation and text. In terms of the end presentation of the field collaboration that we are required to deliver, Ken’s animation encouraged us to think about creating animated titles or slides within the presentation.

ken robinson


We are excited to start producing a stop motion animation of a collaborative drawing. We will all draw and take pictures every few seconds until the drawing is complete, we will then put all the images together and hopefully create an interesting animation. We will have a practice first before creating one that we would like to submit for our final outcome.


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