Loneliness in the City: Observational Charcoal Drawings

Here are a few drawings I have produced in relation to the topic of loneliness in the city. I have been thinking a lot about different ways to portray the loneliness of day-to-day life and routine in the city and realised that simply drawing people wandering the streets shows it accurately. It is clearly seen within my sketches that there are lots of people around but none of them are conversing or interacting with each other. All of the people within my sketches may as well be by themselves. They may not realise it but apart from there being no queue in shops and not getting stuck behind people walking slowly and holding them up, their time spent in the city would be no different if they were completely by themselves.





I was conscious that the media used and colour palette I chose here would either add to or detract from the loneliness of the people within the images. I have used Charcoal and white acrylic paint on brown parcel paper to create these drawings. The dull and darker colours provoke the feeling of being miserable or alone. It fascinates me here, that I have done nothing more than draw what I have observed and the product captures the loneliness of city life perfectly. It just goes to show how relevant my project ideas  are to today’s cities. I am very happy that I have managed to capture this isolation and look forward to moving forward and experimenting further.


2 Comments on “Loneliness in the City: Observational Charcoal Drawings”

  1. Lovely drawings Gemma 🙂

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