SHAPED PAINTING: Working on Green Under-Painting

I have started working on the green under-painting of my shaped piece that I started in Mondays paint workshop. When I previously produced a green under-painting of a still life, I found that the tones I had worked with in the green underlay really informed the shadows and highlights that I painted when rendering the top coat. I found that I produced a far more three-dimensional and tonal outcome and that it was easier and quicker to do as I had already thought about tonal variation in the under-painting.


In this shaped piece, I am taking more time on the under-painting and focusing on achieving dimension and tone within it. Also, I was really surprised by how well the green showed through my work when applying the top layer with a method of dry brushing and so this is something I will be working with again. I will document the progress of this painting and work hard to create a highly successful outcome portraying the hidden loneliness of the city. I will incorporate the white silhouette imagery I have been working with into this piece and work at creating a visually successful piece. I have never made a shaped painting, but I can see how it is going to make for an interesting outcome already. I am really enjoying the paint sessions and have already learnt many valuable skills that I have already started applying in my project work.


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