During my feedback tutorial, In terms of consolidating and linking all of my work together, the tutor felt that to amalgamate the elements of experimentation within my project, I should consider combining my paintings with my tracing paper and photo-manipulation experiments. We talked about the idea of “The Transient City” and how the people around you change and are only around for a short time. There is no time to build conversation or relationships with others in the city. We discussed how this can add to the feeling of loneliness and how the city around you can become overwhelming and a blur. When thinking about the city being a blur, I thought about my tracing paper experiments and how the paper blurs out the background of a photograph. We came to the conclusion that more focus should be put on the figures and how combining tracing paper with my paintings could produce a foggy effect. When thick fog descends on a city, you cannot see anything or anyone else and you feel isolated and alone within a misty atmosphere. I came to the conclusion that combining tracing paper with my paintings would undoubtedly add to the feeling of loneliness within them.

I started experimenting but felt that the figures were lost behind the milky paper. I decided to heighten the feeling of loneliness further, I would stick people from my photographs on top of the tracing paper and match them up with the white silhouettes in my paintings. It seemed fitting that I incorporate figure overlays for all of the figures but one. I thought that leaving the coloured figure that is already isolated in my paintings without an overlay would add to the aesthetic of them being singled out and feeling alone amongst a sea of passers by. After experimenting with these ideas, I decided to photograph the result and incorporate the pictures into a faded video.

I feel that this clip brings together everything I have learnt and experimented with into a conclusion portraying the fact that it is a sad affair that in the city, people can come into contact with and see others every day but feel out of their comfort zone, lonely and isolated. I think this piece shows how to you things around you might as well be foggy and hazy and to others you might as well be invisible as you go unnoticed and unappreciated. The ideas and concepts at work here emphasise the hidden loneliness of City life and therefore I feel that I have successfully portrayed the concept that I set out to depict and adhered to the brief I was given. I am incredibly happy with the body of work I have managed to create, working with figures was highly out of my comfort zone and showing the feeling of loneliness was very challenging to me. I have really pushed myself this term and I feel that is what undertaking a degree is all about.



VIDEO OF PAINTINGS: The Hidden Loneliness of City Life

I was incredibly pleased with the feedback that I received within a tutorial that I attended before the Easter break. I was delighted to hear the tutor mentioning successes within the body of work that I have created and agreeing with me that creating a stop motion was a great way of consolidating my photo manipulations and works well as a final piece to this project. We talked about how everything seemed to inform something and that you could see my journey and progression throughout this project rather that there being lots of random experiments. I was very pleased with this feedback and we then moved on to discuss how the tutor felt I could finalize this work and bring everything together. He felt that making a fade video out of photographs of all my paintings would be beneficial and would allow people to see the development in my work and consolidate a large amount of blog posts and images into one outcome.

After producing this piece, I feel that to me, it shows progression and all the hard work that I have put in to produce paintings alongside my photo-manipulations, animations, experiments and my collaboration work. In terms of the title of my project, I feel that when looking at these paintings you get the feeling of loneliness. I have worked with the topic of the Hidden Loneliness of City life when producing these paintings. When experimenting with photo-manipulation I found that cutting out figures and leaving one left behind portrayed the feeling of being alone in the city even though you are surrounded by others. I thought about the fact that all the other people in the city may as well not exist or at least might as well just be white silhouettes. These paintings were inspired by my photo-manipulation work and I have experimented with grounds, colours, loneliness representation and scale throughout. I think the theme of the white silhouettes running through the video heightens the feeling of the single figures feeling alone amongst the masses in the city.

Overall, I feel that both these paintings and the video portraying them all are highly successful. I think this video shows the journey that I have undertaken during this project and brings together all of my paintings so that they can be viewed all at once. I hadn’t realised quite how much work I have created and I am incredibly proud of what I have achieved within this project. The loneliness of City life is heightened within this piece and it showcases my work in a professional and consolidated way.


Artist Research: Kimsooja: A Needle Woman

The artist Kimsooja was brought to my attention by one of my tutors. In particular, it was suggested that I looked at “A needle woman”,  a video installation of the artist standing in the middle of busy streets in different parts of the world as people pass her by and walk in the direction of the camera. She is a feminist artist and is approaching women’s labour of sewing within this work but I believe it definitely applies to the concept of my city project even if being alone or singled out amongst others in the city was not the artists original intention.

kimsooja_a_needle_woman 2


This work made me think about the hidden loneliness of city life and the notion of being surrounded by others in the city but alone. She is standing in the middle of many people, but no one is interacting with her, she is being overlooked and people are just passing her by. She is an insignificant figure to them and at the same time all the people around her may as well not be there at all. The feeling of loneliness if highly evident in this work and I believe her video showing herself surrounded by others who are not interacting with her or even acknowledging her existence is not dissimilar to my project imagery of a coloured figure surrounded by white silhouettes.

This piece is highly inspirational and influential to my work, it confirms to me that you can be surrounded by others in the city but at the same time singled out and alone. It sort of highlights the ideas I have been working with and in supporting them adds to my works success.

COLLABORATION: Documentation: Collaborative Sketch Book

As a group collaboration, we have produced a book, full of documentation of the journey that we have undertaken whilst producing work as a collaborative. We were just going to display the book at our final presentation so that people could look through it, but after attending a tutorial it was clear that we needed to emphasize it more. The tutors were really pleased with our book and thought it would be a shame if it was optional for people to see it and so suggested that we make a page by page video clip of the book to include within our presentation. We welcomed this suggestion:

We agree that this book is more of a piece in itself rather than something to support our collaboration because it is a collaboration, it includes work from all of us and everyone’s different handwriting makes it quite personal. We will be including this video in our final presentation.

MANIFESTO: Presentation: 2D, 3D and 4D

Today, all first year students presented the work they had produced in the 4 week period of Manifesto. I think this was a highly successful activity and it was interesting to see what the other groups had been doing within their manifesto sessions.

2D Manifesto – Collage


I undertook the 2D manifesto workshops based on collage. Throughout the sessions we used collaging techniques to create work that has been put all together to create the exhibition/presentation below. We created minature collages combining drawing and collaging imagery from magazines. We used print techniques such as monoprinting and etching to create surfaces that could be pieces on the own or could be collaged on top of. The third session incuded rubbing surfaces to obtain textures known as frottage and then layering the frottage to create new imagery. Finally in conclusion to all these works, we worked together to create a fanzine. For this fanzine, I used my original collages and combined them with new coollaging on top to make a page fanzine to go in a publication that summed up 2D manifesto. It was valuable to obtain an insight into collage, it is a quick and easy way of getting information down on paper and is highly effective. I will definitely be experimenting with collage more throughout my artistic career i’m sure.




3D Manifesto – Creating a Drawing Machine

The 3D group were set with the task of making a functional drawing machine with which you could make marks on the paper without using your body. They first showed us an example of an existing drawing machine, a harmonograph. Then, each sub group talked about and demonstated the drawing machine they had made before we were all able interactively have a go making our own drawings with the machines. All of the drawing machines were highly successful but i particularly liked the ideas behind the two below. The top one was created with a washing machine in mind and four cups with holes were spun around with paint in them to create a splattered abstract painting. The one below that was created with beyblade in mind and turned the conventional spinning tops into a fun game and successful drawing machine. The 3D group were very innovative in their approach to the tasks set.



4D Manifesto – Video from 1 to 1 in 1

4D were asked to produce videos that transformed from one thing to another in just one minute. The videos were highly entertaining to watch but definitely captured the sense of transformation. It is interesting that eventhough everyone was given the same brief, they all interpretted it completely differently and that is what art is all about. Some people made their videosby videoing their surroundings and others by taking a series of pictures and putting them together into a minute slot kind of like a stop motion. Many techniques were used here including video effects, sound tracks, animation and photography.


Overall, I feel that manifesto was definitely a success. It was nice to focus on something whilst undertaking the time project and everyone seemed to really enjoy the tasks set. Also, we all learnt from eachother and were sharing ideas which could have aided peoples time projects and helped them to experiment more or take their projects in new directions. I like the work that I personally created within manifesto but it was much more significant when it was show in collaboration with all the other works.