MIXED MEDIA PIECE: Inspired by Photo Montage

Here, I have used one of my earlier Photo Montages to create a mixed media piece with a view to making something created from the old look like something new. I want to kind of convince the viewer that this is a real moulding thing that I have painted rather than a fictitious object made up of existing ones.



I have experimented with a variety of Materials to produce this piece and played around with different ways of applying paint. I have applied paint with a brush, rubbed it on with cloth and my fingers, used old glue spreaders, stippled on and used palette knifes as well as crumbling on paint mixed with sugar. The materials used within this piece include: Acrylic Paint, Sugar, PVA Glue, Tissue paper, kitchen towel, cotton wool, coarse texture gel, modelling paste, watercolour, corrugated cardboard, ink and salt.


Below is the montage that inspired my mixed media piece, without experimenting with montage I would never have progressed to producing a painting like this. It is an odd piece, your brain can’t quite work out what you are looking at.I believe there is a fine line between what is real and what seems real and I feel I have created a very believable looking art work that is highly thought-provoking. I think this piece is very successful and I am going to experiment with producing a few more inspired by some of my other photo montages.


I think that using materials that are not normally considered to be art materials can sometimes bring out the best work, here I have had to think of ways to create the textures and surfaces seen within the montage on a canvas.


Summer Project Piece – “Home is Where the Heart Is”

One of the requirements of my summer project was to produce a piece that would show me to my new tutorial group. In my opinion, nothing shows me better than the way I enjoy to create art in my own time.This piece is bright and highly textural.

beacons blog

It is painted in Acrylic and includes tissue paper, glue, kitchen towel, sugar and modelling paste. I am passionate about colour and how it creates mood and atmosphere within artwork,  especially landscapes. Recently I have become interested in mixed media work and whether simple everyday items can be used to make artwork. This piece also says alot about me as its a scene from home – The Brecon Beacons.