Mould can Damage Artwork as Well as Create It! – Leonardo Da Vinci, Self Portrait

Leonardo Da Vinci’s self-portrait is a prime example of how mould can damage artwork. As stated in an article written by the daily mail (link above), art experts fear that its days on show are numbered as its exposure to the elements on one of those occasions has left it covered in mould and what they call “foxing” and in too poor a condition to restore.



Here we have a strong juxtaposition between the idea that mould can create art but also damage and eventually destroy it. This is a concept that I could work with to create artwork by drawing something and covering it some kind of food material that will grow mould and therefore damage it.  I could also combine paint with food items in a piece to give the impression that mould was damaging artwork but it would actually be creating it. It is a shame that one of the works from a great master such as Da Vinci is decaying over time but it is also very influential to my work and encourages to think about using this juxtaposition to create art within my project.


Perspex Boxes – The Documentation of Decay

 I have filled two perspex boxes with fruit and veg with the hope that it will Decay over time. I am Planning to document its decay every day through the medium of photography. I chose the perspex boxes as you can see what they contain from many different angles. When they start to decay you will be able to see a five sided view of the mould that is growing and in my opinion I feel they will make for very interesting sculptural pieces. I will sketch the boxes and draw from them throughout the decay process. Mould and decay makes for such interesting drawing and studying, it is highly interesting that something people would just usually throw away can be turned into something beautiful or a piece of art. Time is shown throughout this piece as it depends on it. The more time I leave these pieces, the more decayed they will become.


There is a strong juxtaposition between the decaying inside and the solid outside of the perspex boxes. Time will not weather the perspex, certainly not to the extent that it will the fruit and veg. I plan to fill two more boxes as well, one with used teabags and one with bread, I will document their decay also and then produce a comparison through drawings and photographs. I am hopeful that all these observational sketches will contribute to final pieces, paintings and sculptures that I start making. I find that the best method of working is to just keep making, then collate all the things that you have made to make something even better.


    Here are some photographs of the boxes from different angles, they are incredibly interesting objects to look at now, and you find yourself turning them round and trying to see all the things that are inside. They will be far more exciting and visual to look at once they have started the decay process.

IMG_0422   IMG_0419

Painting/ making work from the mould that is produced within the perspex boxes will be highly interesting. There are so many different patterns and marks within different moulds which is why it lends it self to creating artwork inspired by it so well. The rough textures and spores that develop make me think about the use of mixed media and encourage me to explore new methods of working. I can’t wait to see how these deteriorate, I will be posting photos of the decay and sketching new developments. There is something about a perspex box, people always want to know what is contained within them and why the interior objects are kept from the publics touch. I feel display plays a very important part in how the audience react to your work.

TIME: FOOD DECAY: Rotting Apple Drawing – Stop Motion Animation

Here is a quick Stop motion animation I made from my drawings of an apple rotting over time. Here I rubbed out and changed one drawing over a period of time rather than creating lots of different drawings.

GIF apple

I feel I have managed to capture the Decay of the fruit quite successfully and I am confident I will be trying out more stop motions with my drawings and real objects as they are highly relevant to my brief of time. The Drawings take time, the photography and the film/animation takes time to make, they highlight a period of time itself. I may also look into film rather than just a series of photographs.

THE WORK OF WILLIAM KENNTRIDGE was my initial inspiration for making a stop motion animation. His animations are so well thought out and well drawn and also very complex. This is the first stop motion animation I have created and under Kenntridge’s influence, I hope to grow in this field and to make more complex pieces.