Mould can Damage Artwork as Well as Create It! – Leonardo Da Vinci, Self Portrait

Leonardo Da Vinci’s self-portrait is a prime example of how mould can damage artwork. As stated in an article written by the daily mail (link above), art experts fear that its days on show are numbered as its exposure to the elements on one of those occasions has left it covered in mould and what they call “foxing” and in too poor a condition to restore.



Here we have a strong juxtaposition between the idea that mould can create art but also damage and eventually destroy it. This is a concept that I could work with to create artwork by drawing something and covering it some kind of food material that will grow mould and therefore damage it.  I could also combine paint with food items in a piece to give the impression that mould was damaging artwork but it would actually be creating it. It is a shame that one of the works from a great master such as Da Vinci is decaying over time but it is also very influential to my work and encourages to think about using this juxtaposition to create art within my project.


More Perspex Boxes: DECAY OVER TIME

I have now filled two more perspex boxes with bread and teabags as I previously proposed to see how they decay over a period of time. I am quite excited to see the development of mould within these boxes.


There are so many different textures and surfaces within varied types of moulds. I am hoping that a lot of these will beapparent once these boxes are well into the decay process. Having actual evidence of a variety of moulds will help me make my work more realistic and hopefully inspire the continuation of my project.


The contents of these two boxes are far less liquid and more dry than the vegetables. I am having a little bit of trouble with the other boxes leaking juice that is coming out of the moulding food. I didn’t realise that these items would leak any kind of liquid as they decayed but I’m finding it highly interesting learning about all these processes. I have put the boxes on canvas boards to see whether they leave any kind of marks or imprints on the boards. I could draw or paint from these boxes and they will always be there for me to reference mould in my artwork, also my work is always ongoing as the work is always changing over time.