During my feedback tutorial, In terms of consolidating and linking all of my work together, the tutor felt that to amalgamate the elements of experimentation within my project, I should consider combining my paintings with my tracing paper and photo-manipulation experiments. We talked about the idea of “The Transient City” and how the people around you change and are only around for a short time. There is no time to build conversation or relationships with others in the city. We discussed how this can add to the feeling of loneliness and how the city around you can become overwhelming and a blur. When thinking about the city being a blur, I thought about my tracing paper experiments and how the paper blurs out the background of a photograph. We came to the conclusion that more focus should be put on the figures and how combining tracing paper with my paintings could produce a foggy effect. When thick fog descends on a city, you cannot see anything or anyone else and you feel isolated and alone within a misty atmosphere. I came to the conclusion that combining tracing paper with my paintings would undoubtedly add to the feeling of loneliness within them.

I started experimenting but felt that the figures were lost behind the milky paper. I decided to heighten the feeling of loneliness further, I would stick people from my photographs on top of the tracing paper and match them up with the white silhouettes in my paintings. It seemed fitting that I incorporate figure overlays for all of the figures but one. I thought that leaving the coloured figure that is already isolated in my paintings without an overlay would add to the aesthetic of them being singled out and feeling alone amongst a sea of passers by. After experimenting with these ideas, I decided to photograph the result and incorporate the pictures into a faded video.

I feel that this clip brings together everything I have learnt and experimented with into a conclusion portraying the fact that it is a sad affair that in the city, people can come into contact with and see others every day but feel out of their comfort zone, lonely and isolated. I think this piece shows how to you things around you might as well be foggy and hazy and to others you might as well be invisible as you go unnoticed and unappreciated. The ideas and concepts at work here emphasise the hidden loneliness of City life and therefore I feel that I have successfully portrayed the concept that I set out to depict and adhered to the brief I was given. I am incredibly happy with the body of work I have managed to create, working with figures was highly out of my comfort zone and showing the feeling of loneliness was very challenging to me. I have really pushed myself this term and I feel that is what undertaking a degree is all about.



PHOTO MONTAGE: Making the New out of the Old

Time is embedded in PHOTO MONTAGE. You are creating something new from something old or existing. I never expected these montages to be as successful and effective as they are. I like that it was accidental and that they came to be from my experimentation and desire to try something completely new. I have used existing rotting foods to create new ones that I think are quite believable. They are starting to look as if maybe they could exist in reality. I am excited to start using these images to paint from and to create mixed media works from. I would like to paint them as if they were real objects and evaluate the result.








Photo Montage is a great way of getting your ideas down quickly and effectively. It is also brilliant reference for producing paintings or drawings. These pieces that are created from montage have a sense of time deeply embedded within them. As you are creating something from something you’ve already created.

Klaus Pichler: Food Decay Photography


Photography that makes decaying food look almost beautiful and far more appealing. This artists work is of high inspiration to my project.

One third  - a project on food waste 44_-potato-dough-patties-_fin-640x511 One third  - a project on food waste

Klaus Pichler is a highly talented photographer that focuses his work around the natural decay and moulding of food items. His Photo composition is very well-balanced. Something as simple as a plate of smiley face shaped potatoes starting to mould suddenly become very interesting and considered AS ART. I feel that the black background heightens the object and in some way focuses our attention towards it. This work is very simple but extremely effective. The Imagery is highly powerful and invites the viewer to consider moulding objects in a new light.  HIS WORK INSPIRES ME TO BE CONFIDENT ABOUT MY PROJECT. I was a little worried that my perception of time was to simple and the idea of decay was to vague but Klaus Pichler has managed to achieve some very beautiful and capturing material using food decay as a starting point. It is unusual work, and i want my project to give people an insight into how time affects the breakdown of food and maybe even make them consider it in a new light.

One third  - a project on food waste One third  - a project on food waste one-third-photography-series-klaus-pichler-gessato-gblog-16

The mould in this work is not displayed as something horrid but almost as beauty. This completely turns the stereotypical idea of mould and decay on its head and almost encourages you to want to look at it. A completely different view to if you experiences this kind of decay happening in your own home. Klaus Pichlers work is highly inspirational to me and has already got me thinking about many possibilities and artistic ideas within the realm of food decay.