I really enjoyed producing the main abstract Image here. It is inspired by a piece called “Margerita” by Malcolm Chate.

summer project

Unfortunately Malcolm Chate had a  severe case of rheumatoid arthritis and so was forced to make his artworks with the paintbrush between his wrists. As part of my summer project prior to starting my Degree, I was asked to produce a pastiche of an artist. Malcolm came instantly to mind as I find him incredibly inspiring, most of us would probably have given up if we were faced with the challenge of producing art with such a condition, but he didn’t! He continued to make beautiful artworks by thinking outside the box and finding a new way to apply the paint. I wanted to find out just how difficult it was to paint with a brush between your wrists, so that is how I produced this, I even put a sponge between them and dabbed it on to create the background. It was incredibly hard to produce and I definitely admire him even more now having tried it myself. I feel I have successfully managed to capture his influence and would like to experiment with more new ways of creating abstracts.