SHAPED PAINTING: Further Work into my Green Under-Painting

I have been working in the studio most evenings this week, painting my green under-painting ready for Monday’s workshop when we will start painting colour on top of it. I have been focusing on highlights and shadows and creating tone and dimension within this underlay. I find the colour mixing involved with this process really enjoyable, as you are only allowed to darken the green with red and blue and lighten it with yellow and white, and it is quite relaxing working on this in the studio.


I am also really happy with how the shape of the board I cut out is bringing the whole painting together. The castle turrets, I feel are particularly successful and I think I have managed to create a sense of depth and dimension within this under-painting.




Now that I have painted the tones, highlights and shadows into the under-painting, I will be confident when applying the next layer of paint.  I am pleased with how it looks so far and will continue working on it until it is finished and ready for the next stage. I have learnt so much making this piece and it has been such a valuable experience and now that I have learnt more in the workshops, I can see a progression already from the last green under-painting to this one.


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