PAINT WORKSHOP: Underpainting Finished

Today, I spent the afternoon working in my studio and finishing off the underpainting I started in the painting workshop on monday. There are many green tones used to make up this underpainting of a still life of my book, photograph and headphones. They are darkened with red and blue and lightened with yellow and white. It is now ready for the next layer of paint, which I will be embarking on in next Mondays painting session.


I am intrigued to see how the underpainting affects the final result of the piece and if and how the green tones beneath the colours that I apply on top change them at all. I am also excited to see whether the green ends up showing through the painting in any way and if the highlights and shadows that I have already created in the underpainting, inform the highlights and shadows I apply in the next layer.



I must admit that I don’t usually underpaint when producing artwork, I tend to just go for it on a white canvas or piece of board or paper. It is great that I am learning a new technique and I look forward to applying the skills and knowledge that I learn to the work I am producing in my City Project.


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