Life Drawing 21/2/14

I decided to attend a life drawing session today.  Within my city project, my work is becoming highly figurative which is challenging for me and not something I am used to. I felt that life drawing would help bring me up to speed when working with proportions and drawing the body and it was an incredibly beneficial exercise. We started the session with a few 5 minute poses to get going:


I started by loosely sketching out in charcoal and adding watered down black ink on top, I wanted to get a feel for the figure and the proportions of the body.

I spoke to the life model about my city project and that it involved drawing crowds of people or painting many figures in one piece. She helpfully suggested that we did some quick memory drawings, so she posed for 40 seconds while I observed and then had to draw the poses from memory down on the paper. It was incredibly difficult but a valued exercise as people don’t stay still for long in the city and this method will definitely help me draw them more accurately. It taught me to take more time to observe what I am drawing.



After a few goes, it was really interesting to see how much I managed to remember and draw down. The two pencil drawings above are my two most successful memory drawings in my opinion. This exercise forced me to study the details and proportions of the figure in a lot more depth and has with out a doubt benefited my figurative drawing skills. The life model suggested that I did a moving life drawing, where she imitated walking in two minute poses and I just drew them down next to one another, which created a highly interesting result, shown below:


After I had drawn these poses and gotten more comfortable with drawing the figure, we moved on to drawing 20 minute poses where I had the chance to draw in a lot more detail and I am incredibly happy with the results. I would go as far as to say that these may be two of the best life drawings I have ever created and I was very proud that I could see the development in my drawing skills.



Attending a life drawing session has been an incredibly valuable experience and will definitely aid me in my progression through my city project. I feel more confident about drawing figures. Because the drawings were timed, I didn’t have time to worry about the outcome and it made me consider proportion and experiment when drawing the figure more naturally. For any one who feels like they are challenging themselves drawing figures like me, I would definitely recommend a life class.


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