Influential Artist: L S LOWRY

As my work is developing, I have been considering crowds of people and their relationship. Within the Hidden Loneliness work I have been producing, I have drawn and painted crowds of people and created ways of showing that even though they are within a crowd, they may as well be alone. All I had to do was draw a crowd of people walking through the city accurately, to see that there is no interaction between them and that essentially they are lonely. As I am working with these concepts, I thought about the work of well renowned artist LS LOWRY.


(c) Ms Carol Ann Lowry/DACS; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Lowry captures the movement of volumes of people incredibly well. Much like the city, his images look busy and everyone seems to be hurrying to get somewhere. In terms of the relation of his work to mine, his drawings of crowds are highly influential.



Punch and Judy 1943 by L.S. Lowry 1887-1976

I am really challenging myself creating a project that includes people as I’m not typically a figurative artist at all. I have been worrying a little bit that my drawings of people were a bit weak and that they don’t convey a sense of realism, Lowry’s work has made me realise that they don’t have to. It is nice to see Lowry’s figures that aren’t realistic and that even though the proportions of them may not be correct, he is still incredibly famous and his pieces are highly successful works of art. He gives me a lot of confidence within this project and I will undoubtedly refer to his art work for guidance.



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