Field: Collaboration Group Presentation

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We started our presentation by talking about our own individual ideas relating to The Hidden City. We realised that in terms of ideas and concepts we didn’t really have that much in common. Chelsea is looking at patterns within the city, Rachel decided to focus here attention on hidden posters and are within clubs and the night life of the city, Steph is producing her own project on cemeteries, Beth is looking at Hidden Gem’s within the city and i’m exploring loneliness in the city.

We focused on each other’s strengths, talked about where we believe our best attributes lay without much gain, so we turned to finding out what we had in common within our practices. We realised that one of our main commonalities was Drawing and decided to work with this idea. We decided that embarking on creating a sketchbook collaboratively and making a collaborative drawing was a great idea.

Researching artists that have drawn collaboratively gave us a valuable insight into how to start working collaboratively as a group. It also gave us a taste of what outcomes of  collaborative drawing have previously looked like and how artists have worked together. We liked the idea of a mass drawing and rolling paper out on the floor and all getting involved.

After artistic inspiration we showed documentation of our first collaborative drawing session in the form of images. We portrayed the journey and took pictures of us as a group working on it as well as just the drawing. The outcomes looked really interesting projected on the wall, which heightened our ideas about maybe projecting a video behind our final outcome.

The presentation was highly successful in my opinion, We had a clear idea to present, presented it confidently and demonstrated good collaboration. We were all really pleased as a group.


Here is the feedback sheet we got from our tutors and peers within the larger field group.


All the feedback we received was really positive, which we were incredibly happy about. We are glad people recognised  that we had worked hard and successfully collaborated as a group. We also thought it was good advice that we were told to grow on each others drawing skills and look at mediums from each other’s differences to work with. We are excited to continue our collaboration.


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