Field Collaboration: Manifesto and Timetable

After discovering that our commonality was drawing, researching artists as a group and producing collaborative drawings together, we have come up with a manifesto, a proposed idea about what we would like to create as an outcome for this collaboration.

We would like to experiment with collaborative drawing in a variety of ways. We want to get a feel for drawing together and look at our drawings in a new light. It will be interesting to see how our drawings work in relation to each others and whether the meaning or ideas behind them change. We plan to draw together every week and become more experimental as we go along.

We are thinking about creating an A3 size book, full of our  own drawings, our inspirations, collaborative artist research and collaborative drawings that we have produced together. In terms of a final outcome, this book could be displayed on a plinth or in a case as part of the piece. We also plan to document everything we do through photography and video. To us the journey of us creating the work together is becoming more important than the final outcome. 

We want our own practices to come together in these drawings, they will include illustrative and graphic drawings with fine liner pens and other mediums, expressive charcoal drawing and paint, clay and glazes, fabric and stitch work and versatile pencil drawing so that there is a textiles element, fine art element, ceramics element and illustration and graphics element. This will show all our disciplines collaborating and coming together.

We are keen to experiment with drawing on a large-scale. We plan to use a roll of lining paper or other large surface to create a mass collaborative piece, including materials from our own disciplines.  We want to include all our ideas on the hidden city and watch them unfold all together on the paper in one large homage to the city itself.

 Inspired by the work of William Kentridge, we would like to produce Stop motion animation of our drawings. It is something we have started thinking about and have also considered making video’s/animations of us creating the drawings together. We thought that us moving around the drawing could resemble people moving around the city.

Our final outcome will be a large-scale homage of the city, drawn collaboratively, A stop motion animation projected on the wall next to or behind the large drawing and our journey and idea’s documented and displayed in a book, hand bound by the textiles members of our group on a plinth.

We are excited about the prospect of producing this work and have already started experimenting. We have formulated a rough time-table to help us manage the time we have and adhere to our goals:

We have already Started collaboration, considered each other’s strengths, considered what we have in common and decided we want to produce collaborative drawings. We have also done a collaborative drawing session and met up to discuss progressions.


Week 5 – Draw collaboratively using materials relating to our disciplines: e.g. Acrylic Paint, Watercolour, Fine Liner, Biro, Pencil, thread and stichwork, material and fabric, tracing paper, charcoal, ink, tissue paper etc. Create two A1 experiments using mixed media.

Week 6 – Start experimenting with stop motion animation, meet up and produce one large A1 size drawing as a start taking pictures every few seconds to make the animation. Play with what kind of sound we would like to play whilst the animation runs.

Week 7 – Meet up and produce individual drawings, print and write up artist research and start formulating the collaborative book. Use it as a sort of diary of what we have done, as well as to demonstrate our skills as individuals and as a collaboration.

Week 8 – Make a Large scale collaborative drawing or drawings on lining paper or mass surface. Document this process with photographs and video/animation

Week 9 – Finish making everything we have set out to do, tidy up any loose ends and prepare for our final presentation of our work – a book on plinth or in case, a large collaborative drawing and a projected animation or video.

Week  10 – Present our work, record or document presentation and undertake group assessment.


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