Initial Group Research: Collaborative Drawings

Now that we have decided to become a collaborative drawing collective and create a mass piece, we thought it would be relevant to do some initial research into artists and existing initiatives that create artwork  and drawings collaboratively.

Below are some of the practitioners and groups that we felt inspired our ideas and encouraged us to be experimental and work together to produce a collaborative drawing.





This collective groups work made us think about what drawing really is and that we could use a variety of media’s within our piece. Here paint, charcoal, pencil and other generic materials have been used, but also they have stuck paper on top of the piece, added colour and just played about with it which is something we are keen to do. We want to express our own individuality as well as our group ideas and learn from one another. This also inspired us to be expressive and just enjoy creating the drawings rather than worrying about what the outcome is going to look like.



This exhibition was born from five days of collaborative drawing. The result is an exercise in exploring and pushing the boundaries of drawing. This collective posed the question: “how do four artists mold a collaborative work through such an intensive process and still leave their individual “mark?” which is something we are keen to explore. Materials used for the work in this show include spray paint, latex paint, graphite, charcoal and even plaster, this highlighted to us the versatility of drawing and how we can combine many medias from our different disciplines. Four unique artists have come together and managed to make a cohesive offering through their solo works and the epic collaboration piece that takes up nearly an entire wall.

“Even our individual drawings have an aspect of collaboration to them because we’ve done all the work right here in the gallery and while we’re working we’re just going around talking to each other about each other’s drawings,” – As a group we have thought about making a diary of our collaborative drawings and experiments leading up to the big final piece. We hadn’t considered that our individual drawings could also be done together in the same room and added into this book.



We found this piece really interesting. Here one artist has drawn something, posted it to the other artist and he has finished off the picture. It is an interesting idea, doing a drawing and them giving it to someone else to complete.


o-MICA-facebook mica-angela-hendricks-15 mica-angela-hendricks-9 images


This collaboration work is visually stunning. We were all really fascinated by it when we came across it. Mica Angela Hendricks has collaborated with her 4-year-old daughter to create these pieces. Like Kenny and John, she has drawn something and given it to her daughter to finish off. We were really drawn in by the child like quality and individuality of the pieces. It is useful to be aware of how different artists work and what kind of people collaborate to make art. It is great that there are such versatile collaborations around and a wide range of different people and age ranges participating. This is a very unique and successful collaboration in our opinion.



En Masse is a Montreal-based collaborative drawing initiative that makes huge, beautiful, black and white murals with a revolving and ever-evolving cast of artists. In our group, Rachel was particularly interested in this initiative being from an illustration background. They perform at a ton of festivals, art fairs, and other cultural events in Montreal. This led us to think about performance and maybe drawing live in front of people. It is a different angle that we could explore.

All of these artists have given us a valuable insight into collaborative drawing. We have already learnt a lot about how versatile and expressive we can be with this idea and are excited about creating work. We plan to start by making small collaborative drawings to get a feel for drawing together whilst having coffee.


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