First Collaborative Drawing Session

As a group, we met up in Starbucks, armed with paper and a variety of drawing materials.  We grabbed a coffee and started preparing to sketch together. In terms of what we were drawing, we decided to draw imagery that relates to each of our projects and add in expressive marks and line work to make the drawings come together.



It was nice to draw collaboratively in a casual environment, we were talking about what we were drawing and new ideas were emerging all the time.




There were a very interesting mix of images coming out on the paper. Steph was drawing gravestones and cemetery imagery, I was sketching and expressing hidden loneliness, Chelsea drew patterns in the city and Beth sketched out hidden gems. It was interesting to see how all these drawings merged together into one collaborative drawing on the paper. There were many ideas and concepts hidden within it and the drawings came together to almost produce a homage to the city and city life, whether the ideas be positive or negative. Below are images of the outcomes we produced:





We used a variety of media to produce these images including pencil, fine liner, charcoal, coloured pens, biro and chalk.

Our first attempt at drawing collaboratively has been very successful. We were surprised by how well the outcomes turned out. We agreed that the key to success here is that we didn’t worry about the result and just enjoyed drawing as a group. I think the drawings combine all our ideas and drawing styles very well and I am now very excited about producing more drawings with this group. Next time, we are thinking we could use more materials and methods of drawing. Maybe the textiles girls could stitch into the work etc.


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