The ability to mix and be a team player is as important as your talent

Learning to collaborate with others in the Art and Design world is essential and many exciting and new opportunities can arise through collaboration. It is a chance to learn from others and be put out of your comfort zone in order to create new and interesting things.

Whilst talking about collaboration in my field session today, Mark Granovetter’s ” The Strength of Weak Ties was mentioned. He is connected with Standford university and studies social groups in creative industries. His work comments on how we make “important decisions based on weak ties” and how a quick decision is often just based on instinct. This encouraged me to think about how I would make decisions with a group of people from other disciplines within art and how we could come together to create work.

In the Proffesional world, you could be working with people in creative industries that you may not know or like. I think this collaborative section of the field module is important because learning to work with others will undoubtedly boost your own ideas. You will see things the way other practitioners do and learn from your experiences.

We started the session with ice breakers and introduced each other to the group before getting into smaller groups to start the collaboration process.



Above are just some of the notes I produced whilst working with my collaborative group. I am working as a fine artist in a group with two textile students, a ceramicist,  and an illustrator. I am excited to collaborate with these people and get a valuable insight into the way they work and practice.


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