Highlighting Hidden Loneliness: Photo Edits

Here, I have experimented with highlighting the hidden loneliness of the city. I have produced black and white images captured whilst in Berlin and experimented with and edited them.

PicMonkey berlin


I have edited the images so that everyone within the picture is in black and white but one person is left in colour. I have done this to show the fact that even though you are surrounded by many people in the city you may as well be singled out and on your own. There is no interaction between you and anyone else and you are insignificant to them. I thought that leaving one person coloured would show how alone they were within the city.

I definitely think this is a successful experiment, however, I do not think it highlights the loneliness enough, maybe getting rid of the people around and only leaving one person would portray the meaning more powerfully. This is something I will experiment with either using photo editing software or collage and photo manipulation.


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