Experimenting with ways of Portraying a Hidden Loneliness among other people in the City






Here are some examples of  initial photo manipulation that I have been experimenting with. After coming across the work of Laura Lima, an artist that draws on top of and manipulates imagery, I was inspired to experiment with showing the hidden loneliness of city life using my photographs.

Within these works, I wanted to highlight the fact that in the City, you can be around hundreds of thousands of people but lonely. I wanted to show that you may as well be on your own because you won’t speak to or may not even make eye contact with anyone. I started cutting out all of the people apart from one to highlight this point. I thought that if I cut out all of the other people then they would only exist as shadows or silhouettes. You don’t notice any detail about other people in the city, they just pass you by and I am confident that these silhouette like shapes convey that.

I have started experimenting with other ways of blocking out the people like using paint or scribbling them out. In the images above, I have pulled paint down the people in the photographs using a palette knife. This creates quite an uncomfortable ghostly image and definitely conveys being alone. I think these experiments are definitely successful in showing the loneliness you can experience in the city even though you are surrounded by other people. I also feel that the images look aesthetically interesting to the eye. I will continue my experimenting and maybe produce a piece of different scenes with people cut out, painted over and scribbled on top of.


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