Leonardo Ruggieri – It’s a Lonely City

Whilst researching, I came across the work of Leonardo Ruggieri with particular interest in his piece: It’s a Lonely City.

Most of Leonardo’s paintings are about people and urban settings of daily life. They capture life’s most unusual settings and moods with strong realistic passion. Loneliness within Cities is not a usual or common painting subject so it was interesting for me to see how this artist had portrayed this notion.


This is a very unusual piece and I’m not really sure how to interpret it. It’s title suggests it is about being alone in the city. Maybe he is portraying the idea that because no one talks to anyone in the city and there is a hidden loneliness, you may as well just be on your own with the birds that inhabit the city. I also thought the artist could be making a statement about wanting to escape the everyday lonely routine of city life. Although I am unclear of its meaning, I think there is a disturbing element to this piece, It convey’s loneliness to the viewer and makes me think about how many people may want to leave the city because they feel they are living a lonely life there. There is something quite odd about the vibrancy of the piece. Maybe the artist is showing us how vibrant life out of city and how enjoyable it can be to get away from it for a while.

This artwork has made me consider including vibrancy within my work. Combining bright colours with a lone figure could compose a juxtaposition between how social the media displays the city is and how lonely it can actually be.


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