Berlin: A Few Sketches

Here are a few sketches from my time spent in Berlin. I made some quick sketches and note taking of the two powerful pieces that caught my eye at the jewish museum, drew people of interest and made some general observations of the city itself and the people within it.

Berlin sketch 2

Sitting in a Cafe in Kreuzberg, I observed and drew a man sitting with his laptop, it made me think about the hidden loneliness of coffee shops in cities nowadays. Rather than seeing people with friends, I often see people alone there. Most of them are usually using some kind of technology like laptops or ipads or reading the paper, avoiding the fact that they are alone. However, I could look at this from many different angles, even though they are, the fact that these people are alone probably doesn’t really bother them. Infact it may be that they have specifically come to the cafe to get some work done or to relax and check their emails etc. This idea doesn’t really fit in with my project as much as people using technology on public transport to avoid being alone or talking to others. People have the chance to talk to others on public transport most of the time but chose to avoid it. Hidden loneliness is only hidden because it is normal. It’s normal in cities not to talk to strangers on buses or in cafe’s but people don’t realise the isolation of this existence.

berlin sketch 3

berlin sketch 5

Berlin Sketch 4

berlin sketch

It was interesting to draw scenes where there were many people but no interaction. Above, is a sketch from the Brandenburg gate. It is interesting to me, that all these people are not aware they are lonely. Being from a rural area where there is a sense of community, I find it fascinating that there are so many people but there is no conversation and a sense of being alone that is unaware to the individuals experiencing it. Where I am from, you would say good morning to a stranger in the street or on the bus but that it just not the case in cities.


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