Hidden Loneliness – Initial Sketches

Sketches – Hidden Loneliness on Public Transport

transport slide

I produced a few quick observational sketches of people on public transport. People on public transport are avoiding the loneliness by using technologies like headphones, phones and tablets. It is normal to avoid people on transport in cities today, as you can see from my second sketch. There are many people on the bus but no one is talking to anyone, there is no conversation between strangers. People think that they cannot be lonely because they are around people but that isn’t the case. The fact is, you may as well be alone on this bus, nothing would change.

Sketches – The Loneliness of the Homeless, People that are overlooked

homeless slide

Here are some quick sketches of homeless people in Cardiff. People who are overlooked by society. The city is glamorised as a highly social place to be, but here I wanted to capture the people who are around others all day but are ignored like the homeless and buskers and big issue salesmen. They have a heightened feeling of loneliness because instead of being around others but not interacting, they are asking people for spare change etc. and being ignored. The loneliness of these people is hidden from the media, like a hidden secret of the city.

Sketch – Being alone but surrounded by people

crowd sketch

On the weekend, I sat in Cardiff and sketched my surroundings. The image above shows lots of people in Cardiff wandering around but no one talking to anyone. People always seem to be in a rush, some have headphones in and others just don’t make eye contact with you. This sketch shows the hidden loneliness of the city. The inner city can be a very unsocial, noninteractive and lonely place. If you don’t know anyone being in the city is a lonesome experience.


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