Brian Gaynor – Urban Loneliness Photography

Brian Gaynor photographs urban loneliness and the harsh realities of being alone in the city. His work inspires me to take black and white photographs because it seems to add to the loneliness of the people within the pictures. No colour makes the pictures seem more miserable and you can almost feel the isolation within them. They make you think about the hidden isolation within city society. I would like to capture an element of this within my work.




As I have, his subject matter included the homeless or less fortunate and people on the edge of society that experience such loneliness within the city.



urban-loneliness-art bryan gaynor

He captures the fact that it is very easy to literally be on your own in the city if you are not in the centre. I am investigating the how people are lonely even when they are around people and how you may as well be alone even if there are people around you. However, being literally on your own in the city and contrasting with how it is glamourized to be social could be another route to go down.


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