I have now chosen to work with the theme of “The Hidden City“.  After researching many more artists, I had the idea of creating a new city. I thought about the possibility of creating a new city made up of existing ones, and collage or photo montage as a medium instantly sprung to mind. There are many artists that inspired my desire to create a new city, I have included a selection of them below. In particular, I was highly inspired by the work of the Archigram Collective and their walking cities.



The walking city is a city concept from 1964 made up of buildings of the existing city. I found it highly inspiring when I first came across this piece that artists were thinking about how the city may be in the future and using collage and photo montage as a medium of portraying their ideas.  The idea was that the city would one day be able to move around, that people may never have to walk outside because the buildings would move to wherever they needed to go. It is a strange concept to think about massive machines making up a city and it made me think about the industrial revolution and how people were forced into a new mechanised life. It is a highly interesting concept. I thought about collaging my own buildings from existing ones in the three cities that I will be looking at: Cardiff, London and Berlin. When I go visit Berlin, I will take note of all the architecture and think about how I could incorporate it into a new city.



Bodys Isek Kingelez creates far-fetched city models out of paper and card and uses them to create his own image of our futuristic cities. I was drawn in by how brightly coloured he imagined our future world to be and to be honest this looks like the kind of city I would be quite happy to live in from looking at its exterior. This work makes me think about incorporating a sculptural element to my project and maybe making my own city plan like this one from buildings I formulate myself. It must take a lot of time and effort to create these pieces and they really stand out. The Idea of creating a new city seems to have inspired many artists before me.



Eboy is a digital artist that creates highly futuristic images of how the city may turn out to be. All of his images look very cramped and congested. One of my favourite prints of his is NYT Flying car, where there are cars flying around the city, an image that our humble road cars may adopt in later years. Maybe digitally creating a city is something I could look into. Again, the colours are very bright and inviting just like in bodys’ work.

Creating a new city seemed like a great idea to begin with, however once I started experimenting and playing with ideas I realised that it did not really have much scope for development or many routes for me to move forward within my work. I will continue my research into the city and formulate a new idea within the hidden city to work with.


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