Brainstorming Ideas: Migration, Power/Technology, The Hidden City

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I have been brainstorming a wide variety of ideas for each of the topics I have been given in the hope that something will reach out and grab me that I would like to create a project based around. I find it really difficult to come up with projects that have a lot of scope for development and moving forward, so I find brainstorming and considering what I could create within these ideas really helpful.

“The movement from one part of something to another”
When considering Migration as a theme I first started thinking about moving from one country to another and it’s causes. A desire for change, natural disasters, war, famine, oppression, job opportunity and structural change are all factors contributing to people’s need or want to migrate. People moving from other countries into Britain means that the population of our cities is growing rapidly. Cities are expanding and some people argue that there are less jobs for British citizens because of migrants. In History, The Closed Door Policy meant immigrants were stopped entering Britain for fear of over population. Another thing that migration has caused is a wider range of religions and beliefs within cities, causing clashing opinion and divide.

As well as people migrating, I started thinking about the migration of goods and imports. Many of the things that we purchase from the shelves today are not made in this country. Also, without migration us British would have a much smaller choice of cuisine. It is  because of other ethnicity migrants that we have Indian, Chinese, Turkish, Japanese food etc. available to us at all. Imagine what our cities would look like without any Chinese takeaways or Thai restaurants etc? The City would be a very different place I believe.


Power is quite a versatile subject when considering the city and you could look at it from a variety of angles. I started thinking about higher powers such as the government controlling our cities and how sometimes higher power decisions cause unrest and protesting. Sustainability links in with this topic too as many cities are now running on renewable or sustainable power sources. Parts of cities are run using wind power, solar energy and other alternatives.

The advancement of technology has undoubtedly changed our cities. Many cities now have large screens showing sports matches or the news within them and inner city WI-FI for anyone to use. It is almost unimaginable to consider what city life was like before all the technologies that are used nowadays. The new arty and wonderful architectural buildings  that exist today would not have been produced without new technologies or at least would have taken a lot longer to build.

It is quite interesting to think about how much people are actually missing because of technologies. If you are staring at your phone whilst walking through the city, you are missing everything that is going on around you, not to mention the fact that you are also being extremely unsociable.


There are many interpretations of and possibilities within the topic of the hidden city. If you are someone who only goes out in the city in the daytime, then the nightlife is completely hidden from you. Parts of the City that no one uses are also hidden really, such as derelict buildings and old alleyways. I think that city life is highly glamorized so it may be interesting to look at the hidden lives of those who are on the poverty line or homeless within the city. There are many undiscovered artists hidden within the city, beautiful murals and graffiti pieces can be found all over cities.

People take many things for granted in the city, I think its beauty is one of them. Even though it is industrial, the sunsets in Cardiff for instance are incredible and the architecture is a highly interesting focal point. In Cardiff, the city is so clean in the morning, if you didn’t go out at night or early hours of the morning, you wouldn’t know about the hidden filth and mess that is cleaned up by a team of council members before you go to work in the morning.

I have also started thinking about the fact that a hidden city could be a new city. A new city could be made up of all the amazing architecture from a few existing cities that people on a daily basis take for granted and is hidden from them.

I am still finding it really difficult to create a project based on one of these titles that is inspiring and interesting to create, so I will research artists that have used the city as an influence to their own work.


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