Field Module: THE CITY

The Start to a new term brings a new project in the form of the Field Module based on THE CITY. When I think about the City, I Instantly think about how busy it can be. Crowds of people lining the streets, filling the train stations, catching buses and all the bustling and hurrying that’s involved.

To Start this project, we have been asked to research three different themes surrounding the city before choosing one idea to work with. These themes are Migration, Power and Technology and The Hidden City. None of these topics really jumped out at me so I have started by brainstorming my initial thoughts and ideas on each of the topics and “The City” as a whole.

Cities are incredibly versatile places and people travel to or visit them for a variety of reasons. I find that life in the city is highly glamorized, sold to tourists and students for its beautiful landmarks, friendly and social atmosphere and lively night life. Whereas anyone who has lived in a city will know this is not really a strictly accurate representation of any city. Taking Cardiff as an example, Cardiff Castle and The Bay are definite points of interest in the City and there are a vast amount and variety of shops and high-street stores for you to shop in. For me Cardiff is quite glamorous and exciting but I have to consider the fact that it is not like that for everyone.

There are many homeless people in cities and for them city life cannot be glamorous at all. They are sleeping rough in all weathers asking people in a better situation than themselves for spare change. Many Students and people living in poverty busk for money, singing or playing instruments on the streets but they are just overlooked the majority of the time.  I feel that the contrast of people’s lives in the city is far greater than in more rural areas. There is a stark difference in how the city treats the homeless and how it treats wealthy businessmen or rich penthouse owners.

When thinking about cities, I also think about Public transport and how busy train and bus stations are at peak times which leads me on to the fact that transport in cities seems far more unsocial than in smaller places. I have a few theory’s as to why this could be: Firstly, because of migration, job opportunity and the glamorized lifestyles, the cities already mass population is constantly growing and therefore people simply do not know anyone on the transport with them and talking to strangers is less appealing. Secondly, Technology is making people unsocial, Listening to music with headphones in on i-Pods or watching TV or surfing the internet on your iPad prevents you from socializing with the person next to you.

Thinking about all these things and noting down initial ideas is undoubtedly a good starting point to my research. I will now brainstorm ideas on the three themes given and go for a wander around Cardiff with these themes in mind, drawing and taking photographs to see what inspires my ideas.


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