A Few Quick Drawings from my Sketchbook

Here are a few drawings from the sketchbook that I have been keeping throughout this project. I have experimented with a variety of drawing materials and techniques to formulate this book.

I have experimented with Continuous Line drawing, Drawing with ink wet on wet and wet on dry and then drawing into it, Drawing onto grounds, Drawing onto washes that look like mould, Pencil Drawings,  and Drawing with Biro, Fine Liner and Charcoal. I have used charcoal pencil to draw into black indian ink and produced some succesful results using this technique. Drawing moulding food is something I have been doing as a starting point to help me move my project forward when I’m not really sure where I’m taking it. I also think it is important to keep drawing as inspiration for the pieces you are going to create. As this project is about TIME, I have been producing some quite expressive timed drawings as well. These time drawings range between 10 seconds and five minutes.


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