Preserving a Moment in the Decay Process


After a vast amount of experimentation, I decided to focus on creating textural replica moulds with materials such as paint and sugar. I feel that my previous fake mould pieces are some of the most successful artworks I have created within this project.
  I also feel this concept is particularly successful because of its relation to TIME. By Painting mould that looks real, I am almost PRESERVING TIME and capturing a FROZEN MOMENT in the decay process. Also, Mould would usually take a LONG TIME TO DEVELOP AND GROW whereas this only takes a matter of hours to produce. Time is deeply embedded within this artwork physically and conceptually.


I decided to work on a much larger scale and create this substantial Painting of Bread Mould. I wanted to see whether painting mould on a large canvas and displaying it made people consider it more of an impressive art piece than some small insignificant paintings of something repulsive. I feel that this is an attractive painting that is associated with and looks like mould but has no where near the same level of disgust as if this was on your dinner plate. From asking a few of my peers, it does make them look at mould differently and consider it more as art when displayed like this. I think this is successful in any ways, firstly its relation to time comes from many angles and secondly, I have evidence that it could change the human perception of mould itself.

I would now like to experiment with the NOTION OF TIME even more and create a piece that COMBINES THE PRESERVATION OF TIME AND CAPTURING A FROZEN MOMENT IN THE DECAY PROCESS WITH THE CHANGE AND DECAY THAT HAPPENS OVER TIME. I think taking these two ways of looking at time and finding a way of bringing them together will definitely allow me to create something visually interesting. 


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