Relating Food Decay to Life

I have been creating mould paintings and working with the idea of Food Decay being beautiful rather than repulsive for a while now, but to give my project a new angle I wanted to experiment with its relation to Life.


Food Decay can definitely relate to the Decay of Life itself but as an artist I wanted to create a piece that demonstrated this thought. I started thinking about how I would do this and as stereotypically mould is thought of as being a horrid thing, I came to the conclusion that painting a horrid scene that is apparent in our world today but using colours and textures that replicate mould could accurately show the literal decay of things around us. This image of factory pollution above, represents Food Decay showing the Decay of our world and climate change issues. I think this is most definitely a successful experiment because it highlights its meaning perfectly. I may experiment with creating some more of these now that I know the decay of food and the decay of life can shown as one relatively simply.


One Comment on “Relating Food Decay to Life”

  1. chris ludke says:

    I love it! I had an idea I never used. You can do it if you want to. How about mashed potato Venus? Then take photos when it dries or gets moldy! What do you think?

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