Keith Arnatt – Art that we take for Granted

Pictures from a Rubbish Tip” by Keith Arnatt includes photographs of moulding foods that people have thrown away. The wastage of food here is an interesting concept. Keith Arnatt makes things that usually are horrid, normal and plain or maybe not even considered interesting and photographs it as if it is art. This is of highly relevance to my project. Below is a photograph of a discarded loaf of mouldy bread taken by Keith Arnatt.

Pictures from a Rubbish Tip 1988-9 by Keith Arnatt 1930-2008

His attention to detail in his photography is remarkable and he turns things that are commonly taken for granted like the growth of mould and its beauty into art. His work is inspirational to my project and encourages me to create mouldy artworks to almost force people to look at them so the idea of decaying over time and the mould produced is no longer just overlooked and thrown away. Obviously, you are not going to keep food items if they’ve gone mouldy because they look nice, or are interesting. But in the right environment, mould and decay shouldn’t be considered as it is, repulsive and almost useless. I believe anything can be made into an artwork. ITS NOT THE MATERIALS YOU’RE WORKING WITH, IT’S WHAT YOU DO WITH THEM.


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