UPDATE: Progress of Decaying Perspex Boxes

My perspex boxes are now well under way in the decay process. It is interesting to see how time has changed them.

IMG_1197 IMG_1199 IMG_1202  IMG_1203

 The box full of bread seems to have taken the shape of the box and decayed as a cube. There are a variety of coloured moulds appearing within the bread and yellow dot like clusters are starting to become visible.  My Blog is now a time-lapse of these boxes in a way, if you look back through older posts. I have never seen food items with my own eyes that are this decayed because you would not leave them in your house/fridge this long. This makes the work even more interesting I think, and displaying them in a clear box as an art piece will encourage people not to overlook the changes that are occurring. You can’t help but want to see what is happening inside. The Teabags have become one very beautiful object, they are bound together with silk like white fluff and decaying with a very subtle green mould growing on them. These boxes have been a great reference to me when painting my fake mould pieces.


The most unexpected and interesting thing about the box full of bread is that the inside of the perspex is covered in condensation. This makes for a beautiful photograph and here you can really see the changes it has experienced. I like that in this picture the human brain if it didn’t know would be trying to fathom what this is. I would be very intrigued to know where the moisture came from for the box to condensate.


4 Comments on “UPDATE: Progress of Decaying Perspex Boxes”

  1. eleanor3695 says:

    Beautiful photos… Such an interesting idea, I had never given much any of it much thought before but you’ve definitely intrigued me!

  2. jamespcocks says:

    These are really really interesting! Love the format of the perspex boxes! What you have written is great as well!

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