Casting Decaying Apples

  After undertaking the body casting workshop, I was highly inspired to use alginate and plaster to cast a decaying food. The apple was the obvious choice because of its hard and dry outer layer as it would hold its shape and be easier to get out of the mould.


 Shown above are the plaster casts of the apples and the actual decaying food itself. The apples were really hard and wrinkled rather than decaying and going soft because I used the fruit I used to print with weeks ago and I believe the ink must have clogged up the pores which made the apples perfect to cast. It was completely accidental that I was able to cast them at all really. As with the body casting I did, the alginate has picked up even the tiniest details making an incredibly realistic cast.

IMG_1175 IMG_1177 IMG_1176

You can see in the images above just how much detail you can pick up when replicating an object using this method. These are just experiments and the result of me playing with a new material but if i wanted to take this further, I would make many more casts and dip them in yoghurt. I found out that plaster goes mouldy if you cover it in yogurt and leave it out in the open so that could be a very interesting idea to work with. 


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