Artists that Inspired my Use of Photo Montage

I was influenced by quite a few artists when thinking about the use of and how to use photo montage.
These influences include artists such as: Kay Smith, Richard Hamilton, David Hockney and POSTERBOY.


kay smith     richard hamilton

Kay Smith’s Apple first encouraged me to think about the possibilities of collage and photo montage. I like that you can clearly see what the image is of within her work but it is made up of a variety of different images and textures from the magazine cut outs and bits that have been collected to create it. I also like the repetitive use of the letter ‘A’ and the way the background has been arranged. Kay’s work encourages me to use photo montage and collage to create something that you simply wouldn’t achieve if you were producing a painting or drawing.

 I am drawn in by the visual aspect of Richards work, He constructs new faces and designs by using parts of old ones. This was the first time I thought about making NEW THINGS FROM THE OLD OR EXISTING and therefore Hamilton’s work is highly influential to my work and thought processes. Both artists played a part in inspiring me to make new decaying foods from old rotting ones.


david hockney

David Hockney’s collages are highly distinguishable and recognised around the world. His work made me look at collage and photo montage in a very different light. He uses layering and here, places parts of the human face in the wrong place but our brain can still see what the image is of. This inspired me further to create new decaying foods from existing ones because his work proved to me THAT OUT BRAINS WOULD STILL KNOW THEY WERE FOODS EVEN THOUGH THEY WEREN’T SPECIFIC FOODS WITH NAMES and that they wouldn’t end up looking like a load of random cut outs on the page.


Another influence of my photo montage and in fact my main inspiration was a New York based street artist that goes by the name of POSTER BOY. By using a razor, Poster Boy slices up advertisements in the subway system to create completely original works of art. He cuts out parts of posters, imagery and lettering and then glues them onto another existing poster to create a completely new meaning within it. Due to the illegal nature of his work, Poster Boy remains anonymous. People watch him creating his works and take a few minutes of their time to view his creations, sometimes believing that poster actually exists/was originally made that way. His influence meant I felt that my photo montages of food would be believable.


You can make interesting imagery .a lot more quickly than by painting or drawing with photo montage and collage. You can also use collage to get your thoughts down quickly and easily and to map out your ideas for a painting or drawing.


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