Mould Paintings: Mixed Media



IMG_0409  =IMG_0414 IMG_0410 IMG_0412 IMG_0416 IMG_0407

Above are images of some mixed media pieces on canvas that I have produced, in the aim of replicating mould and decay. I experimented with a vast variety of materials to see what gave me the best effect. These pieces are highly mixed media and are made out of: Acrylic Paint, Sugar, Salt, Modelling paste, Cotton wool, sponge, thread and Water. The paint has been applied in a variety of different ways and I found that mixing paint with sugar and thickening it with modelling paste gave me an amazing granular effect which lent itself very well to working on top of in layers to create a mouldy feel.  I also surveyed a variety of people to ask them what they thought they were looking at and they all said mould, some of them even said bread mould which was more specific. I really enjoyed making these pieces and playing around with unusual materials, I feel these pieces are incredibly successful and that I have captured decay in its roarest form. I had to document decay for quite a while before I felt able to replecate the mould that was growing in paint.  I definitely want to experiment more with mixed media and maybe create mould pieces like this on a much larger scale.


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