In this print workshop, I learnt about screen printing and colour blending. I found it very interesting that the more pulls you make on the screen the more blended the colours were. I experimented with stencils and pulling over the top of them with new colours to leave the old ones exposed underneath the stencil. I wanted to relate this workshop to my investigation into decay so I cut out a stencil from newsprint of a moulding strawberry. I was incredibly happy with the amount of detail I was able to pick up on the print through this method. Below is my Final Print. Having the colours coming through underneath is highly effective.


Below are some practice prints I made by pulling coloured ink onto plain white paper. I managed to achieve quite a detailed result.



I enjoyed learning about printing on top of prints and new techniques within screen printing. I think Print is something I would like to experiment with more in the future. It is great that all these facilities and areas of fine art are available to me. It encourages me to think about making work that usually I probably wouldn’t have experimented with.


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