Time: An Investigation into Food Decay

With TIME being the brief given to me this year, I am starting to research and investigate into the subject of time.

Time: Brainstorm of Ideas

There are many routes that I could take with this project and I suppose it can be argued that everything can be linked to time in some way or another. I have thought about and researched many areas of time including: Change over time, capturing a moment in time, running out of time, having time taken away from you, decay and history. In my opinion, time and change are very closely linked and it didn’t take me long to realise that with this title I would like to document the passing of time. I have decided to base my project on food decay. I will document the decay of food over time through the media of photography, painting, drawing and mixed materials. I may even use film to show accurately how certain foods decay over a set time period and leave food to mould as a sculpture/3D piece. Drawing and painting decaying foods and photographing them seems to be a logical place to start. I feel as long as I keep drawing and making, an exciting project should evolve naturally.


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